I wonder why it had to happen to my Dad?

When Jane, age 10, was asked to explain what it felt like to walk in her shoes, her artwork showed that she had a lot to say.

Thanks to the Journeys Program at Lost & Found Grief Center, someone was listening.

Jane’s father had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

For the “walk in my shoes” activity, Jane was asked to write what her experience felt like and what she wished others could know about what she was going through.

It Takes a Community to Help Kids Like Jane

Through a grant from Hospice Foundation of the Ozarks, The Journeys Program provides funds for children who need individual short-term grief support but lack the funds to cover the fees.

When Jane started the Journeys Program, she was anxious about her dad’s illness. She found it hard to concentrate, and her ability to express her emotions was limited.

According to Sarah Brown, Program Coordinator at Lost & Found Grief Center, “We met with Jane, and sometimes also her mom, eleven times over the course of a year. During that period, Jane was able to express her sadness and fear of the unknown. Over time, her confidence grew, and she was able to see herself as brave and able to meet the challenges ahead.”

Jane’s dad was in hospice for several months before he died.

But thanks to the Journeys Program, Jane was prepared to say good-bye. After her father died, Jane and her mom joined grief support groups at Lost & Found Grief Center and learned additional coping skills.

And while it is never easy to experience the death of a parent, Jane is headed in the right direction and her footsteps are more hopeful now.

Hospice Foundation of the Ozarks is excited to be part of the Journeys Program. Part of our mission is to support grief and bereavement services for people like Jane, struggling with loss right here in the Ozarks.

Got an Idea to Help Others in our Community?

We support worthy organizations by funding initiatives for dignity at life’s end. HFO accepts applications for innovative programs twice each year. Our next grant cycle will be Aug. 1 – Oct. 1, 2021. To learn more about the programs we support and how to apply for funding, visit https://hospiceozarks.org/grant-information/

And if you or someone you love is grieving and needs help, check out the resources available from Lost & Found Grief Center, here.

Note:  To protect the privacy of kids in the Journeys program, we created the name Jane for this story.